Photo of Dr.Rojas at the MIT Hobby Shop in front of a mill, taken for MIT graduate photo.  Photographer: Tony Pulson (MIT Meche)
Photo of Dr. Folkers Rojas taken by Tony Pulsone

Traversing the sands of time, I have found that time itself is myth created to enslave humanity. In the words of 15th century Renaissance man Leon Battista Alberti (1404-72): "A man can do all things if he will."

My goal is to become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company to push our generation forward!

Words to Live By :
1) Family always comes first
2) Take risks and see where they take you
3) Set your dreams high, surpass them beyond your wildest expectations, and then start again
4) Remember your past as it reshapes your future
5) There is always a way where there is a will (Remember: Physics Rules!)
6) Advocate for yourself
7) Progress can be achieved with determination
8) Make the most out of life
9) Love what you do!


About Me


New Arrivals

After passing the PE Mechanical Engineering exam in 2017, I have been creating a how to study for the PE exam.

Oct 5th, 2017: Engineering is Art & Art is Engineering. Just finished making an aluminum tombstone for my grandmother's grave.

April 24th, 2017: The fun part of being an engineer is solving puzzles. I just added a section on engineering problem solving.

Diverse Friends


I'm currently in the process of writing another article titled: Earning your place. I have seen too often students that believe that they deserve to have position without working to earn it. This article is to go over things that no one should take for granted. My last article, MIT is Just Another Place, provides my two cents on life at MIT and how I earned 4 degrees.

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What is New?

I usually try to keep myself busy with hobbies. At any one point I have 2 or 3 projects that I'm trying to finish. I absolutly LOVE bringing ideas to life. The first step to make something is to first imagine it, and then you can easily start working. Dare 2 make something new and you will end up making the journey worthwhile.

cartoon image of the the left side of the brain.

Left Brain

A bridge without creativity is boring.

Just finished reading Guts by Robert Lutz. Score: 9/10 Amazing!

cartoon image of the the right side of the brain in color with colors from the left side present, representing that a brain in harmony has a little of both. ying yang.

Right Brain

A bridge without logic may fail.

Currently designing a leather briefcase to manufacture. Still looking for my ideal accessories.

The two images above are modified from an online cartoon from www.cartoonaday.com made by Bryant Arnold found by reading an article on this link.

About Me

My name is Folkers Rojas. I worked hard to do well in school. Education = better life. I graduated high-school salutatorian. I can attribute my acceptance to MIT to key teachers in highschool who guided me through out the entire process. As a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship I was able to earn four engineering degrees in ten years.


Let your morals be your compass. My grandmother used to tell me to treat everyone with respect!.


We all have an internal drive! Discovery comes with exploration! Thus try new things, do not be afraid to fail.


Success = 99% hardwork + 1% wishing. Surround yourself by positive people that you admire!