Purpose of a Mill

Make Chips! If the mill is not making chips it is not doing its job!


Functional Requirements: Carry on luggage max size, minimal corrosion in dry environment, tamper resistant, UV light exposure for 10 yrs, and Most Importantly Artistic! Note that the width to heigth ratio of the exposed section is 1.6 to 1 (Golden ratio).

The main image is the design of tombstone that contains two doves mirrored about the y center line.  Between te doves there is text with the name of my grandmother and date of death.  Above and below the text there is a decorative leaf structure.  On the upper right quadrant is a photo of the piece of the aluminum plate that becomes the Tombstone. Plate shown after hardcoat anodized.

Tombstone Installed

I picked aluminum because it is easy to machine, relatively inexpensive as well, good corrosion properties . The plate is bolted down in a permanent means to the concrete and the bolts are covered to mitigate theaft. To create the black letter the aluminum was machined and then hard coat black anodized. For artistic, the design of the exposed plate is to the golden ratio and the doves are symetrial about the y axis. The decorative design below and above the text provide a simple and decorative appeal. While there are other features that I would have loved to also include time is limited and sometimes you just have to decide by 80/20 standards.

The main image shows the Tombstone that has been installed in the concrete wall.  The aluminum section was hard anodized black to mitigate the UV damage to the groove of the black lettering.

HAWK Tool Components

Here are some of the components that I have made for the HAWK tool. Currently I can't show all of the really cool toys due to pending patents. One day they will be here.

Picture of an assortment of machined parts for the HAWK tool which can be seen in images below.  On the left is a clear 11 inch diamter and 4 ft long chamber with an access port to feed the wires into the chamber.  On the right is one of the assembled scaffoldings of the internal modules of the hawk tool.

Panel A Pre

Photo of a plate roughly 12 in x 12 in x 0.5 in on a mill above a jig plate that has a plethora of holes for mounting components.

Panel A Post

Photo of the front plate after completing all of the machining processes.  The part includes a handle section to lift the assembly, as well as a modular ports to allow for two internal components to be stacked in series.

Bracket Pre

Description to be added

Bracket Post

Description to be added

Panel B Pre

Description to be added

Panel B Post

Description to be added

Chamber Tube

Description to be added

Chamber Plate

Description to be added

Fresco's Sign

Sept 2012: Consists of an engraved aluminum 3/8" thick using the Bridgeport EZtrack. All of the engraving was coded in Mastercam, and separated into four files due to the detail. The piece was sanded painted and sanded again to get the black engraved letters. This is only a small token of appreciation to Fresco's a business that treated the customers like family. Thank you Maria and Jimmy!


Description to be added


Description to be added

Mother's Day

Aug 2012: Consists of a solid piece of aluminum 6 inches in diameter. On the top there is a flower that was engraved using the eztrack and the interior of the lid as a personal message. Three sphere 1/8" diameter help align the lid in the X-Y direction and three magnets pull the lid to the enclosure

Kinematic Jewelry Box

Description to be added

Kinematic Jewelry Box

Description to be added

More Milling


Description to be added

Name Plates

Description to be added

Rigid Connector

Description to be added

Alignment Tool

Description to be added


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