Leather Projects

Purse: Imagine the Potential

When a purse was about to be discarded for having outlived its useful lifetime, I ask for the old purse with the hope that I could scavange it for parts. Functional requirements: 1) minimal cost and 2) maximize leather working. The total invested cost is $3.00, all of the other tools I had bought for prior projects. YOU SHOULD SLOWLY INVEST in Tooling!. One day coming home I saw an old leather couch and decided to harvest the couch for materials. I upgraded my design by: 1) reducing stress concentrations, 2) fabric upgraded from nylon to leather, 3) glued leather joints & saddle stitched components, and 4) added interior pocket for phone. The manufacturing process is also more versatile and can optimize the hide material. Resourcefulness is something that you develop. You have to invest in tools to learn. I invested the time to learn and now I know how to better design a leather purse. I like to imagine the potential of what something or someone could become. HERE is the detailed process.

Old Purse

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Old couch

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Briefcase in the Making

What do you do when the briefcase you want is either too expensive or the affordable ones are just not your style. Don't have a cow just buy half a hide and learn something new. The hide below is the one that I purchased to turn it into my work briefcase.

The Learning Process


Saddle Stitching


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