Power Electronics & Microcontrollers

Computer Physics 123

When working with electronics the most important thing is paying attention obsessively to minute details and organization. Below is the first significant electronics that I built part of an electronics course at Harvard. At the end of the course all of the computers are taken apart, the Prof. Hayes decided to keep this one given that it was working beautifully and that you can trace all of the wiring. I had to get really creative at some point coloring the wires with dashes of different thicknesses and styles.

Physics 123 Computer build for Harvard class

3 Axis Machine Breadboard

The class of power electronics has a final project of your choosing. So I decided to make the electronics for my small CMM machine. I had to design all of the circuits and then interface them with my computer code and to control the CMM machine. It WORKS!! Now all of this is re-created in tiny little chips that you can buy for five dollars. It was a great experience and now I have a better understanding for the requirements for the larger motion controller I will need for the CNC machine I'm designing.

Breadboard Prototype

Electronics for XYZ machine.

Simple Schematic

Schematic layout of XYZ Machine electronics

Basic Motor

The class was using a motor kit that they could not keep. So I decided to make my own motor! Sad part is that I was not eligible to compete with the other motors because I had an "unfair" advantage.


Motor build for Power electronics course


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