Poems written by Folkers Rojas

Love & Death

Give into the flow of sands.
Water droplets fall from clouds.
Clouded eyes cover your past.
Let heavens cry run with life,
like a waterfall has high as,
the Oceans will hold.

Do not cover thy face of beauty.
Morn and then don't look back.
That's how life should be.
Never look back.
The wind that passed,
will never come again.

God of time and space,
Be merciful.
Allow me to die in peace.
Allow me to be bliss.

Death is only the beginning.
Can I tell you the truth of death?
Probably Not.


Para un Amor Perdido

Amor mío
Estrella de mi sueño
Te perdí.

Tu esplendor con gran dulzura
Me hizo ciego.
Y ahora que no estas
Conozco la oscuridad

Que tanto te adore
Que tanto te quise
Y todavía te amo.

Un amor verdadero nunca se olvida.
El olor de tu piel cerca la mía,
El sonido de tu voz,
El esplendor de tu presencia,
Todo inolvidable.

Amor mío
Mi primer amor puro
Te extraño.

¿Que tanto puede un hombre
Depender de una mujer?
No se…

Te deseo lo mejor de la vida.
Ojalá que encuentres un amor
Como el que yo tengo por voz.

Ese amor como una rosa en un mar turbulento.
Que dicha de la vida:
Encontrar amor para sentir el dolor de perderlo.

Dicen por ahí que el amor siempre encuentra una manera.
Puez que este amor pase por el laberinto de la vida,
Para encontrarte.

También se dice que el tiempo olvida.
¿Pero que pasa si no quiero olvidar?
Quiero acordarme del primer amanecer.
Quiero acordarme del primer atardecer,
Cuando cumplimos un año juntos.
Esas memorial preciosas,
Hacen falta sin estar contigo.
“Chao, Chao adiós,
Quizás mañana me
Arrepienta de este adiós.”

Te entregue todo, menos…
Y lo único que te pido es una respuesta:
¿Como esta el agua?
Fría,  Tibia o caliente.



Has I gaze at this wonder
I am blinded by its beauty.
One, two, three, they all fall one by one,
Like stones in a pond.

Time in essence is a creation of men,
A Creation that stirs the soul.
It’s the middle of the night,
And a restless soul wonders thru a hall.

Three men were killed tonight,
It was out of my control.
I could have done something,
Could have changed the flow.

They died in front of the firing squad,
Nailed to their bed of thorns,
And Tortured by the Endless stares.
The end is near.

They eddy thru the murky water,
The bottom of the pond is an abyss.
The difference of position is time.

Who controls time?
It was created by men,
But it is controlled by Him.

Who is Him?
The one that died tonight.

The ripples are now dissipating.
The light is now dimmer,
And slowly fading.

I throw another stone to stir my life.
Has I gaze at this new wonder,
I see that control is an “Illusion.”
I throw the stone but I can not control it.
Life is a stone.

Folkers Rojas  4/13/04

Judas or Jack

His robe rustles in the corridor.
His night colored vest glimmers.
His sickle shines against the bent light.
He is there: Dead, or alive?

Three steps. The clock ticks.
A thump on the door
was it a step or a knock?
He is there: Still living.

A thump, the floor rippling through the hall.
Dim lights mask his shadow.
The wind in his lungs abandons him.
He is there: Dead!

Roars upon the hills turn glass into hail.
A swift breeze enters the house.
Two roses, one red, one white, fall from the window sill.
Is He Still Here?

The creatures of the night feast under their sun.
The dry blood, the carnage, the gore,
The lifeless stare, the innocent light,
All eroded by the Ocean's storm.

A dim light reveals his movements.
Knock, Knock.
Was it a Knock or a step?
He is there: Waiting.

Where is there?
Where am I?

A screeching roar echoes down the hall.
A foul wind cleanses the air.
A shiver. My soul.
My knightly cat slithers through the door.
His errand of mercy still dangles from his mouth.

Was it Judas, or was it Jack?

"Awaiting Still."


The Balance of Life

We are merely a grain of sand in the ocean's depth,
Insignificant and yet, part of the whole.
We live to die, we die so someone else can live
Men are nothing without faith,
Faith is nothing but a mirage of man,
Therefore, man is invisible in the eyes of time.

Darkness falls and rises,
Heaven rises and falls,
And the balance is kept throughtout the rise and fall.

You will die my son, be scared not.
You will miss people that fade away,
And will ignore those that are living.

We mourn the dead, and ignore the living.
Our only hope to live in peace is not to live at all.
We live in a life of false hopes.

We die and recognize the truth.
We are men and women in a time of chaos.
We do not acknowledge the truth,
We find ourselves lost in the mists of time.

Die, Live, Fall, Rise, Breathe, and Breath Not. 
Life is Simple. Isn't It?