MIT Course & Textbooks

Mechanical Engineering

Statics & FEA
Mechanics and Materials I (2.001)
Mechanics and Materials II (2.002) 
Finite Element Analysis I/II (2.093/2.094 G)

Dynamics & Controls
Dynamics and Control I (2.003) 
Dynamics and Control II (2.004) 

Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
Thermal-Fluids I/II (2.005/2.006)
General Thermodynamics (2.42 G)
Modeling and Approximation of Thermal Processes (2.52 G)
Advanced Heat Transfer (2.55 G)

Design & Fabrication
Design and Manufacture I (2.007)
Design and Manufacture II (2.008) 
Precision Machine Design (2.750)
Measurement and Instrumentation (2.671)
Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement (2.131 G)
Project Laboratory (2.672)

Nuclear Engineering

Intro to Ionizing Radiation (22.01)
Intro to Applied Nuclear Physics (22.02)
Nuclear Systems Design Project (22.033)
Neutron Science & Reactor Physics (22.05)
Principles of Tomographic Imaging (22.058)
Engineering of Nuclear Systems (22.06)
Intro to Electronics (22.071)
Nuclear Radiation Measurement & Protection (22.09)

Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciene

Computation Methods of Science Programming (12.010)
Environmental Earth Science (12.102)
Environmental Earth Science Field Camp (12.120)
Radiogenic Isotope Geology (12.476)
Hands-On Astronomy (12.409)
The Solar System (12.400)

Math / Physics / Electronics

Calculus I/II (18.01/18.02)
Differential Equations (18.03)
Mathematical Methods for Engineers (18.085)

Mechanics (8.01)
Electricity and Magnetism (8.02)
Waves and Vibrations (8.03)

Physics 123
Power Electronics (6.131)


Dynamics & Controls

  • Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics by James Williams

Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences Related

  • Radiogenic Isotope Geology by Alan P. Dickin

  • Moons & Planets (5th ed) by William K. Hartmann

  • The New Solar System (4th ed) Editors J. Beatty, C. Petersen, & A. Chaikin


  • Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill

  • Electronics for Engineers by Scherz

Fluid Mechanics

  • Fluid Mechanics (5th ed) by Frank M. White

Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics

  • Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer (5th ed) by Incropera, & DeWitt

  • 2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering by Cravalho, Smith, Brisson II, & McKinley

  • 2.006 Thermal-Fluids Engineering II by E. Cravalho

  • 2.006 Property Data Tables by J. Brisson

Machine Design

  • Precision Machine Design by Alex H. Slocum

  • AIAA Aerospace Design Engineers Guide (5th ed)

  • Space Vehicle Desing (2nd ed) by M.D. Griffin, & J.R. French


  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technology (5th ed) by Kalpakjian Schmid


  • Mechanics of Materials (6th ed) by R.C. Hibbeler

  • Engineering Materials 1 (3rd ed) by Ashby Jones


  • Calculus with Analytic Geometry (2nd ed) by George Simmons

  • Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems (5th ed) by Edwards & Penny

  • Computational Science and Engineering by Gilbert Strang

Nuclear Engineering

  • Atoms, Radiation and Radiation Protection (2nd ed) by James Turner

  • Introduction to Nuclear Physics by Kenneth S. Krane

  • Foundations of Medical Imaging by Cho, Jones, & Singh

  • Nuclear Energy (5th ed) by Raymond L. Murray

  • Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (3rd ed) by J. Lamarsh, & A. Baratta

  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (4th ed) by Richard L. Liboff

  • Radiation Detection and Measurement by Glenn F. Knoll

  • 22.06 Nuclear Engineering Systems by Andrew Kadak


  • Vibrations and Waves by A.P. French

  • Electromagnetic Vibrations, Waves, and Radiation by G. Bekefi, & A. Barrett

  • Exploring Black Holes by E. Taylor, & J. Wheeler

  • Introduction to Special Relativity by Robert Resnick